3 play-to-earn games to follow if you like Aavegotchi and Axie Infinity

3 play-to-earn games to follow if you like Aavegotchi and Axie Infinity

If both these names sound familiar, you already know that you can make thousands of dollars by playing fun and exciting games. While…


If both these names sound familiar, you already know that you can make thousands of dollars by playing fun and exciting games. While yield-generating fantasy creatures (aka axies) and pixelated ghosts (gotchis) are the world’s play-to-earn favorites for a reason, there is more to NFT gaming than Aavegotchi and Axie Infinity.

To learn more about Aavegotchi and the benefits of playing it with a guild, check out 5 reasons why you should start playing Aavegotchi — in numbers and Reasons to join an Aavegotchi gaming guild in 2022.

With a goal of increasing awareness about the blockchain-powered ways to make money while playing, we at Metaguild are always on the lookout for novel games. We explore and analyze new releases deeply before recommending games to our guild members and the entire community.

This article provides an overview of the three other P2E games Metaguild follows. Some of them are in the early Alpha stage, so you can get on board early and maximize your rewards.


When our guild members discovered Skyweaver, they liked it so much that they wrote a detailed overview of how this collectible card game works. Catching the eye with a unique techno-fantasy comics design, it hooks the players with innovative gameplay comparable to Hearthstone, Magic: The Gathering, and the most popular crypto CCG Gods Unchained.

Although the game needs a deep understanding of the pace and strategy, it is still one of the most open blockchain games for newcomers as you can start earning completely for free. For example, gamers earn by collecting Gold cards minted in the Conquest mode — 1 Gold card for each 3 wins in a row. They are going to be a tidbit for hunters, so it might be a good idea to start collecting Gold ones before the hype begins!

Pavel, 2016 Hearthstone World Champion says:

At first glance, Skyweaver reminded me of Vanilla Hearthstone, and in fact the gameplay is very similar to it, except it has much less random mechanics. I like the game and I wonder how it’s going to develop further.

Nyan Heroes

Nyan Heroes that we collaborated with recently has quickly become one of our favorites. It is a third-person shooter where players collect cats called Nyan and robotic costumes aka Guardian Robots. Solana-based Nyan Heroes is anticipated to become the top battle royale game on this blockchain, and we can’t agree more.

Players need to equip their creatures, complete the tasks and fight in battles to increase the chance to drive the evil Elementals out of Nyans’ homeland Nekovia. By participating in battles, everyone will be able to earn the in-game utility token $CTNP and governance token $NYN.

Unfortunately, the game hasn’t been launched yet, its very early access will have been available till May 2022. However, there is no need to wait because you can start earning now. Everyone, who has at least one Nyan, can stake it by sending it out on so-called expeditions. The team promises to pay 1.5M $CTNP in return. Besides, the rarer the Nyan is, the more tokens you can stake.

As a nice bonus for cat lovers, the developers donate part of the proceeds to cat shelters, so you’ll be saving real-world kitties as you play.

The Sandbox

Last but not least, Sandbox has become a play-to-earn legend long before “NFT” became a buzzword. The Sandbox resembles Minecraft, where everyone can own NFTs in the form of LANDs (digital land parcels, there are 166,464 of them) and building constructions, a kind of user-generated content, they create.

There are different ways of earning in-game tokens in the Sandbox. For example, you can build constructions and then sell them on the Sandbox Marketplace or lend your LAND or even the whole gaming experience and get paid. The other way is to complete quests and receive $SAND for them.

By the way, famous brands got the LAND in Sandbox. Among them: Atari, Axie Infinity, The Smurfs, Binance, The Walking Dead, Snoop Dogg, Coinmarketcap, Opensea, etc. The LAND nearby could cost a fortune — a player with the nickname P-Ape paid $458K to become Snoop Dogs’ neighbor.

This Monday Sandbox Alpha stage ends after it has lasted since November 29. Owners of Alpha Pass could earn up to 1000 SAND (~$5000) and win 3 exclusive Sandbox Alpha NFTs, which were only available during the Alpha.

The Sandbox is one of the most promising NFT games of the expiring year, and it will be worth following in 2022.

What’s more

Metaguild is always in search of other games that could help our teammates earn a fortune. For example, we follow the Guild of Guardians, Ember Sword, Dark Forest, and a couple of others. Metaguild believes that 2022 will be a year of play-to-earn novelties, and we promise to let you know as soon as we discover amazing ones.

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