5 reasons why you should start playing Aavegotchi — in numbers

5 reasons why you should start playing Aavegotchi — in numbers

Even if you are far from using crypto in your daily life, you have quite likely heard the term “Metaverse” during the last month, week —…


Even if you are far from using crypto in your daily life, you have quite likely heard the term “Metaverse” during the last month, week — or even today. Facebook’s rebranding to Meta has not only brought public attention to virtual reality headsets and gloves, but raised a number of foundational questions about the new economy. How do you buy something in Metaverse? Can you make money there — and spend it in real life?

As we are standing on the threshold of the new technological breakthrough, blockchain and NFTs might have the only answer to these questions. And the booming play-to-earn gaming industry is an active showcase of how metaversal economy works in practice.

As a guild of players who believe that the future of gaming, Metaverse, and blockchain is inseparable, we play and invest in the games that have a common denominator of amazing gameplay and legitimate earning opportunities. Aavegotchi, playable NFTs backed by decentralized finance, is all these things.

Filling out the following form will be the first step in your earning journey with Metaguild: http://fren.metaguild.gg/

If you are looking for play-to-earn opportunities, here are 5 reasons why you should explore Aavegotchi:

Reason #1: Your participation gets rewarded with millions

As this article was being written, holders of 11,000+ Gotchis — pixelated ghosts that are the center of Aavegotchi gameplay — received $1.3M USD in rarity farming rewards. This mechanism was designed to reward the most enthusiastic players, and today was just another round of the distribution, happening regularly since Q2 2021.

With the next distribution happening in December, the total amount of rewards distributed will have exceeded $9.2 million. As you can see, the numbers speak for themselves. The more engaged you are with the ecosystem, the more rewards you will get.

Reason #2: Active market with high demand for avatars and in-game assets

This October, a Terence McKenna Gotchi was sold for 141 ETH (over $600,000 as of today), setting the record for the most expensive Aavegotchi avatar ever sold. Shortly after, players spent $23 million buying parcels of land in the Gotchiverse, the game’s own virtual world. And of course, it’s not unusual for a single Aavegotchi wearable, such as a hat, to be sold for over $80,000.

The underlying NFT technology makes it very easy for you to auction off, sell and buy any in-game assets on secondary marketplaces, including the game’s own Bazaar.

Reason #3: With just a little bit of luck, you can earn even more

Imagine winning free in-game items that boost your avatar’s performance. And what if they were worth thousands of dollars? That’s the reality for Aavegotchi players, who can participate in raffles and win valuable items (to date, the game conducted 4 of these contests).

The rules are simple: the more tickets you enter, the more chances you have to win something huge. But not necessarily — in December 2020 a player entered a single ticket that won him the rarest item. He sold it the very next day for 15 ETH (approximately $65000 as of today).

Reason #4: A supportive community

Last year around Christmas time, Aavegotchi team organized a charity event for a player who lost all his savings ($50,000) by sending them to a wrong contract address. To anyone who donated $20, Aavegotchi sent a special Santa Hat wearable, incentivizing users to participate in the fundraising.

Just like this, the unfortunate user got most of his funds back. And guess what — fast forward a year later, this wearable now trades for $2000. So everyone’s a winner.

Reason #5: Support of a top guild with highest kinship score in the game

Despite the impressive numbers and friendly community, we understand that getting started might seem difficult and confusing. But have no fear — you won’t be left alone in an unfamiliar game.

Metaguild is one of the eldest, and the most experienced gaming guilds out there. We play and invest in Aavegotchi among other leading play-to-earn games, while helping newcomers to start earning by ongoing support and mentoring.

With Aavegotchi team announcing the launch of Gotchi Lending, we expect to start providing new players with rare assets, so you can also start making money without the initial investment that is usually required.

In addition, Metaguild is always a leader in the Kinship rating — so, if we could take care of all our gotchis, you would be safe and sound too.

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