Introducing Metaguild Labs

Introducing Metaguild Labs

Metaguild Labs lie at the intersection of blockchain technology, artistic prowess, and game design. Together, we build, play, and invest…


Metaguild Labs lie at the intersection of blockchain technology, artistic prowess, and game design. Together, we build, play, and invest with the single aim of co-creating the Metaverse.

Intro (short TL;DR)

Metaguild Labs is the structure through which we organize market research, gather knowledge, and theorize on NFT projects. The overarching goal of this department is to contribute to the NFT space through the realization of a Metaverse database allowing enthusiasts easy access to state-of-the-art research and peer-reviewed articles, especially curated to serve as a starting point for your future research endeavors.

Our main goal is to develop, advise, and support the most user-focused games and NFT projects in the Metaverse with transformative groundbreaking infrastructure.

Take a look at our latest innovations and discover what fuels the people behind them.


Since Metaguild’s founding in 2021, it has been home to several talented artists and developers, sharing their theories on everything from better-implementing blockchain technology into the crypto gaming space to refining such technologies from abstract concepts.

Metaguild started off as a gaming Guild whose sole purpose was lending assets in Axie Infinity game. On a smaller scale, manually managing Axie Infinity Scholarship operations on-the-daily wasn’t much of a challenge, that is, until we scaled to 100 players. Henceforth, we started encountering limitations and difficulties scaling.

There were no plug-and-play solutions on the market to help optimize our processes. Our last resort was to make our own solution, and we had to build it from scratch.

Introducing Metabot V1 propelled our internal processes to new heights, and not so long ago we released the second iteration of Metabot. This product not only solved our managing limitations but also provided our players with an easy-to-use tool to swap axies and receive payments directly via Discord commands.

Where we stand today, we are proud of the sustainability and ease of use Metabot offers our players.

This website started its activities long before “NFT” became a hype word. It used to be a pioneer media resource in the Russian-speaking community. Wikipedia’s “NFT” page used to be linked to our in-depth explanation article at the time.

The main reason behind preparing long reads for on an ongoing basis is to increase awareness and provide fundamental base knowledge, a lighthouse that helps guide newcomers and protects them from falling into bad actors’ schemes.

We wholeheartedly believe that the future of crypto gaming rests with Aavegotchi; this project hits all the marks when it comes to both its DeFi and NFT implementations.

Before Aavegotchi had a Leaderboard feature, we were first to develop a tool that is able to rank Gotchis, the web interface. Our leaderboard has a similar UI to the official leaderboard, except it provides additional filters.

Back in the early days of Aavegotchi Rarity Farming Season 1, used to be a popular tool amongst community OGs that helped determine the MVP.

Currently, our tracking board is being rebuilt from the ground up. V2’s release is to be expected this month; this new iteration will feature ample refinements to the algorithm and general usability.


Supercharge your project with exceptional creative artwork — our bread and butter over at Metaguild Studio, the first Guild of Metaverse Architects.

Metaguild Studio has more than 15 artists around the globe, focused on areas including 3D modeling, Voxel Art, Conceptual Art for the Metaverse, and specializes in designing game levels and minigames. A picture worth a thousand words now only takes a simple sketch from our clients. Learn more about their work.

Metaguild Labs’ research often encompasses more than one research area; the Metaverse is remaking everything in the world around us. And that has given us an incentive to further consolidate our skills and experience in order to advance the play-to-earn landscape at large and have a profound impact and footprint in the transition from WEB 2.0 to WEB 3.0.

All of these above-mentioned LEGO blocks lead us to organize an independent structure — Metaguild Labs.

What now?

As you can see from the displayed structure above, we’ve already covered the aforementioned “Product” and “Development” components of the new Metaguild Labs entity. Today, we would like to introduce you to one more element in the Lab Ecosystem — Innovations.

This most recent implementation marks a new chapter in how we’ve been interacting with the NFT space as a whole. Contributors from a wide range of disciplines have gathered and formed what we know today as Metaguild Labs. The “Innovations” department is their playground, and through their creations, we’re aiming to leverage Metaguild’s exposure to the Metaverse.

We will cooperate with the best talents in the field and help them find market fit.

H:art — our first curated NFT project

Artists and illustrators are tapping into the mysteries of math and blockchain technology to uncover unexpected creativity and originality in their work. We were able to yield creative output that could not have been dreamed of by either entity alone.

Discover the beauty, energy, and insight of mathematical randomized functions in visual art through Valentine-themed fractals. Unique mementos that will help show a special someone they’re valued and loved.

Launching on Valentine’s Day, 6969 mintable NFTs for free.

Mint date: Feb 13, 6:09 PM UTC.

Mint price: Free. For 0.0069 ETH include your love letter or Valentine’s day wish.

About H:art

H:art is a collection of 6969 heart-shaped NFT fractals, made for Valentine’s Day on top of Ethereum blockchain. | Discord | Twitter

About Metaguild

Metaguild is the first and largest self-funded hardcore gaming guild. We invest in games to secure guild positions and facilitate our players’ success. At Metaguild, we take the best from traditional gaming and speedrunning to the next level: games with open economies backed by blockchain. | Discord | Twitter | Blog