Metaguild and ParagonsDAO: Forging a New Era in Parallel Competitions

Metaguild and ParagonsDAO: Forging a New Era in Parallel Competitions


Our Shared Vision

From the inception of Metaguild, we have been firm believers in the pivotal role of competitive gaming elements, with a deep-seated conviction that esports, tournaments, and competitions would spearhead the adoption of web3 games. Today, we are thrilled to unveil our alliance with ParagonsDAO, a move aimed at introducing you to Parallel Competitions. To fully appreciate the genesis of this venture, allow us to guide you through our journey in this exciting direction.

Achievements and Milestones

Over the past couple of years, Metaguild has been honing its expertise in organizing and supporting web3 tournaments, successfully executing contests with prizes exceeding 50,000$.

We recognize Parallel as one of the most promising projects in this space, and we are highly optimistic about its prospects. Our dedication to this project is evident in the significant effort and resources we've invested in enhancing the value of the ecosystem. We also intend to increase awareness of the game among traditional TCG players.

Looking Back: Our Accomplishments

We have assembled a dynamic team of over 15 professional TCG gamers, who are eagerly anticipating the chance to compete in Parallel TCG. The enthusiasm among the Hearthstone community, where many core members of Metaguild emerged, has been overwhelming. We are eagerly awaiting the launch of the Closed Beta in July.

We also organized our inaugural Parallel Invitational Tournament during the Closed Alpha, marking the first milestone on our journey. This marked our first venture with ParagonsDAO, and their valuable input and tournament sponsorship made a real difference.

Our initial Parallel YouTube videos, designed to provide an in-depth insight into the Parallel ecosystem, have been extremely successful, and we plan to create more captivating content shortly.

Looking Forward: Our Partnership with ParagonsDAO

We will join forces to streamline Parallel Competitions and Tournaments, with the ambitious yet attainable goal of nurturing the growth of Parallel’s upcoming trading card game and its competitive scene.

We are also crafting a series of YouTube videos to assist you in assembling and utilizing decks to enhance your gaming experience, accelerate your skill development, and improve your performance in Parallel. These resources will be critical in helping you establish your presence in this space, and we look forward to sharing them with you once the Closed Beta goes live.


We are excited about the opportunities this partnership with ParagonsDAO brings to Metaguild, the Parallel community, and the larger web3 gaming ecosystem. Together, we believe we can redefine the world of TCG gaming and create a vibrant, competitive space where players and enthusiasts thrive.

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