Metaguild Community Highlights #1
Oldboy vs JasonZhou

Metaguild Community Highlights #1

Article about the Metaguild community and notable members. #Metafam


When we were creating Metaguild, our intention was to form a community on the overlap of video games, NFT and Esports. Initially, we set the goal to become the largest guild in the Metaverse. But in the process of working with people, we’ve found that our mission might be bigger. By lending out axies and providing coaching in Axie Infinity, Metaguild assists people in achieving financial stability. In some cases, the game helps them to break out of poverty. Since the beginning of the Scholarship program, we have helped over 250 players.

Our community consists of players from the Philippines, Russia, Brazil, Spain, Peru, Ukraine, Indonesia, Belarus, Poland, Kazakhstan, Montenegro, Spain, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Venezuela, and Morocco. This post is dedicated to some of the most notable members of our community.


It would be unfair to start this blog post with anyone else but our first believer. Vladimir, aka Geraran, is our first scholar ever, started in January 2021 even before Metaguild was born. Let’s give him the floor:

My disability did not leave me an opportunity to go to a factory or a mine, like millions of my peers in the mid-90s. But I immediately realized that I can not survive on government benefits and subsidies, and from the age of twenty I began to engage in “entrepreneurial” activity.


The first business was to resell Turbo gum in the 90-s. Imagine there was a lack of gum in my country those days. Every day from May till November, while the weather was warm I was sitting for 12–16 hours a day near the main store of my neighborhood and selling bubble gum. Later I made some money and moved forward and started a rental service, buying Sega-Mega Drive 16-bit. Luckily, I got a super hit cartridge — Mortal Kombat 3. I was doomed to success! Later I upgraded my office and bought a bunch of VHS videotapes, and opened the rental of movies.

But nothing lasts forever! Childrens’ eyes were turned towards Sony PlayStation. The business was ruined. I couldn’t afford to give up, so I tried several entrepreneurial activities. All of them were tough for me because I was in the center of business and was tied to it from early morning till evening. One day I was robbed and this made me switch to online activities.

I discovered Bitcoin faucets in the early days. It wasn’t much, but honest work. Later, I started mining, until I finally found Axie Infinity and the play-to-earn concept. In January 2021 I was offered to rent an Axie account, and all I was required to know was the gameplay. I took no risks at all. On my second payment, I bought a new PC, which hadn’t been upgraded for six years. Also, I bought a tablet for comfortable play.

I am very pleased that I was offered to play Axie Infinity with a rented account. To be honest, being hired for a game and not investing a penny looked strange to me. But I had nothing to lose, except for my personal time. And I was right. This allowed me to be financially independent and not live on the brink of poverty.


Oldboy is going to tell you a great story about himself and his Esports career:

So far in my Hearthstone pro career I have participated in two major LAN events both in 2017. First was the 2017 Hearthstone Summer Championship which took place at Blizzard studio in Burbank. LA where 16 best players that season from all regions were competing for $250,000 USD prize pool and most importantly a World Championship spot which took place in Amsterdam later that year.

After getting 2nd place in my group I made it to a playoff match for the World Championship spot against one of the most experienced Chinese players of that time JasonZhou.

Unfortunately, I lost that match but it was a great experience competing against the best players on a pro scene with a lot of viewers watching both at the venue and online.

Second was the 2017 Gold Club World Championship. It was a 3 week 8 team league tournament with a group stage and later playoffs for $600,000 USD organized by NetEase, a company that publishes Blizzard’s games in China. Players were settled in Pangu 7 Star Hotel in Beijing right in front of the Olympic Park where the city hosted the Summer games in 2008.

I was in a team with 2016 World Champion Pavel and 2017 World Championship runner-up Fr0zen.

Fr0zen, Pavel and Oldboy

Things didn’t go our way in the semifinals and later we were knocked out of the tournament.

But despite that, it was the most fun and best-organized tournament I have participated in. I met a lot of great people, visited famous Chinese cultural places and tried one of the most tasteful cuisines. And I am really grateful for the opportunity esports provided me by making a living and traveling the world meeting a lot of interesting people along the way.

I’ve been around the professional gaming scene for a while and since I first stumbled upon Axie Infinity, my attention was caught by the interface, in-game balance, economy and especially its competitive potential. After I started playing I wanted to learn about the NFT technology that this game was based on. Offering gamers a chance to earn while doing the leisure activity they enjoy is the real selling point. Not every game needs NFTs, but one day blockchain functionality may be a commonplace for gaming even including AAA projects. And I am very grateful to the Metaguild team for providing me a possibility to be a part of this progressive community.


Kali from Brazil was invited by her friends Lucas and Michael. This trinity initiated our Brazilian expansion. Kali’s career revolves around Game Dev and drawing, but better read her own words.

Kali’s drawings from Instagram

It’s an interesting story. A few years ago I worked as an artist and my ultimate focus was drawing in-game characters, but something happened in my life and I ended up having to look for a formal job with an average salary of $350 per month. Today my main source of income is Axie Infinity and this allows me to invest in what I like and desire. I believe the crypto market in general and blockchain-based games in particular will be the promising future with a healthy economy. Games have changed the lives of many people and it is very important that Axie raises at the time when the whole world is in the pandemic crisis. It is crucial to mention that the scholarship system, in addition to being an intelligent way to grow a business and expand the community, is a program that positively affects families around the world every day. I would say that Axie Infinity, besides just changing people’s lives, has saved many of them.

Three Apes Cryptogamers 🙈🙉🙊

This part is about three guys from Russia. One of them, ABG, will tell us about Rattamahatta’s, Bad Friend’s and his own stories:

We’ve been playing video games since we were kids. I met my best friend while playing Counter Strike. But that was a carefree childhood. As we grew up, there was less time to play, and more “adult” things that had to be done. Moreover, games themselves began to get boring. And here comes the NFT gaming…

The play-to-earn concept, player-driven economy, free marketplaces, and all this NFT madness have already changed our minds. And it’s scary (in a good way) to imagine what lies ahead — because we are still VERY early.

I met the Metaguild founders when Cryptopunk’s floor price was 5k USD. At this moment I’ve realized firsthand the popular crypto-quote: “The real moon is the friends we all made along the way”. And this acquaintance was a real moon.

Later they offered to join their team to move together in this crazy NFT space and I accepted without hesitation (maybe just a little bit). Metaguild helped me to understand and rethink a lot of things, for which I am very grateful.

After a while I brought two friends to our community, who are passionate about games and nerdy enough to deal with all this new stuff. One of them didn’t have a full-time job (the situation in the country isn’t so good, health, COVID-19, can I not go on?) at that moment, and the second one was on the way to do the thing I did — quit a hateful job (don’t waste your time on the job you hate — it kills you, fren) and seek yourself in a different profession. The opportunity to have additional earnings comes in handy. Turns out, you can earn a living outside the office or factory (and not only by playing Axie).

I feel like we’re still at a very early point, and we’re very excited to meet Metaguild at this challenging time.


Next chapter about Sergey, 27 years old. Sergey holds the post of commercial manager, whose main daily duty is construction of sales models for a niche product. His company develops and sells airboats. Sergey has been following cryptocurrency markets for 7 years!

Tried myself in trading, but the results were not successful, because I didn’t have enough experience in this field. 2 bitcoins bought in 2020 crumbled through my fingers. I caught up in difficult life situations and, in the end, depression. To my delight I found Axie Infinity. After reviewing the game for about one week I found Metaguild Axie Scholarship. I’m going to invest all the income in DeFi protocols.


Ace, aka aesetenophenetedin, is a student from the Philippines.

Being a part of the Axie Scholarship gives me hope that I can support my family despite the fact that I’m still a student in our local university. This pandemic has brought many financial problems, and my dad was laid off from his job. At the moment, only my mother has a full-time job. I need to find a new source of income to pay for the internet bills because my mom can’t afford paying for the whole family anymore and she doesn’t want to cut off the internet since I have my online classes. It’s very sad to see her crying sometimes because we have no money left for viand (a meat, seafood, or vegetable dish that accompanies rice in a typical Filipino meal). When I receive my first payment, I’m going to pay for internet bills and give the rest to my mom.

By passing the fourteen days period for the first claim, Ace sent us a message. It’s too heartwarming not to be shared with the entire community.

Hi! I’ve already claimed my first SLP on my birthday. Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing team! Me and my family had a little gathering for my special day and you guys and Axie are the reason why I got to celebrate my birthday. Thank you so much!

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