Metaguild in 2021: Annual Report

Metaguild in 2021: Annual Report

A little over three years ago, three friends with years of gaming, design, and development experience got excited about investing in NFT…


A little over three years ago, three friends with years of gaming, design, and development experience got excited about investing in NFT in-game assets. At the beginning of 2021, they realized that there is much more to this idea, and the mission they shared evolved to co-creating Metaverse and promoting the play-to-earn reality.

Little did we (those three founders) know that in a matter of weeks thousands of like-minded people would join us to truly shift the paradigm from pay-to-play to play-to-earn. Today, Metaguild is creating the infrastructure that can help millions of players make a living with gaming. More than that, our guild is a pioneer in land development in Metaverse…

But we are getting ahead of ourselves. This article provides a comprehensive report of our achievements in 2021 and a sneak peek of what’s to come in 2022.

Enjoy and join us on Discord!

Top 100 out of 2,500,000 Axie Infinity players

Out of over 2.5 million players who compete for places on the Axie Infinity leaderboard and their share of hundreds of thousands dollars worth of rewards, four Metaguild members — Mikhail, MM78, John Won, and Humongous Ego — have stayed in the top 100 on the Axie Arena throughout 2021. Once reaching this level, they have proved they are High IQ and willing to become #1 — true “Crushers”. Metaguild is always there to help its teammates to achieve better results.

These guys are our pride, and the core of esports — the division of Metaguild that has worked tirelessly all year to discover new talents and provide them with opportunities and assets to get to the very top.

And the best part is that with our proper support and guidance, anyone in this highly competitive space can go from an average player to the top league.

37 contributors

Today, Metaguild consists of 37 contributors (including 9 core team members) — a major increase compared to 7 contributors at Epoch* 1! As we are a community-driven project, contributors are the pillars of our ecosystem, and their role can’t be overemphasized. By contributing to Metaguild’s growth and development, you can also influence where we are going as a guild: choose a new game and launch a subguild for it, or create something entirely new in the play-to-earn world.

Epochs are the periods of time when our contributors can assess each others’ inputs into Metaguild’s development and reward every teammate by sending tokens. We use this rewarding system as we promote DAOs — and a service Coordinape is our tool for it.

You can become a part of Metaguild by clicking #how-to-contribute (check out this channel on our Discord!) and submitting your application here or by

200,000 hours of playing

We believe this number speaks for itself ;)

5223 guild members

We are closing the year with over 5000 members. Thank you for choosing to play with us!

In addition, we have a rapidly growing social media following with 1641 followers on our Twitter, 2700 people watching Metaguild’s streams on Twitch, and more than 3000 subscribers on our NFT gaming news Telegram channels in Russian.

5 games

On a constant lookout for the best NFT games, this year we added to the list of our play-to earn favourites, bringing the total number of the games we play as a guild to 5:

  • Axie Infinity
  • Skyweaver
  • Sandbox
  • Aavegotchi
  • Nyan Heroes

Some of them are in the early stages and we prepare to play by accumulating assets and participating in the communities. We also wrote an article about the games worth following, you can check it out here.

131 Aavegotchi lands (and counting)

Today the total amount of Aavegotchi Land Parcels Metaguild accumulates is 131 — except the exclusive land plot in Citaadel that we acquired from the partnership with Aavegotchi.

Primarily, during the first two Aavegotchi auctions, Metaguild acquired 147 land plots. The last few weeks the number has changed to 131, as we exchange some land parcels to strengthen our positions in the Gotchiverse.

Although we’re still keeping a secret the number of Gotchis we own, we have also recently opened 25 Haunt 2 portals during a Livestream with our members, who were curious to see the random traits out Gotchis got (you can read more about the portals here).

We are also proud to share that our soon-to-be members own a total of 757 lands and 391 Gotchis. They applied to join Metaguild even before we made an official announcement (that is coming up in Q1 2022).

Filling out the following form will be the first step in your earning journey with Metaguild:

1 major partnership with Aavegotchi

On top of the lands we have acquired on bid-to-earn auctions, Metaguild is now a proud owner of an exclusive land plot in the Citaadel. We received one of the 14 XL land parcels as an Aavegotchi partner, alongside YGG, Ready Player DAO, Blackpool, CGU, and other industry leaders.

With more details yet to be revealed, you can read the initial announcement here to get a sense of what it means for Metaguild and our members.

1717 axies and 500 accounts

We completed one of the goals we had set for the rest of the year, growing the number of accounts we own in Axie Infinity from 0 to 500 in less than 3 months! Instead of doing it manually, we achieved this by fully automatizing the process of Axie Infinity scholarships distribution.

5 gaming guilds became our partners

Metaguild is all about teamwork, and we also recognize that it takes a lot more than one guild to make play-to-earn gaming accessible and easy for more people. This is why we made a point to partner up with the most notable gaming guilds to work on this together:

1000 GHST for winners in contests and giveaways

We love hosting contests and giveaways at Metaguild, as we believe it increases the awareness of the opportunities play-to-earn gaming provides. We also want Metaverse to feel like home for you.

Here are some of the events we are proud of in 2021:

  • We organized ROAAD TO THE REALM right before Aavegotchi Realm Raffle, giving away 44 Drop Tickets (total cost 750+ GHST) every day before the launch
  • Launching the Meme Contest and giving away 260 GHST to 10 winners with the best sense of humor
  • Creating an NFT collection to reward Aavegotchi Gaame Jaam participants

14 of the world’s top players in Metaguild Invitational

This December Metaguild hosted an Axie Infinity tournament, known to our followers as Metaguild Invitational. To live up to the expectations, we organized everything on the top level. These are the highlights:

  • 14 world-class professionals in esports including top gamers of Axie Infinity as well as Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering have participated in the Metaguild Invitational
  • The prize pool consisted of 300 AXS (~$30 000) and 3 exclusive NFT trophies in Sandbox created by Metaguild Studio.
  • 3619 unique viewers watched the almost 9 hours-long stream.

Major Metaguild Hall construction is underway in Sandbox

Frequently compared to Minecraft for the opportunity to create your own world, Sandbox is one of the most anticipated play-to-earn games in the Metaverse. This past year we were focused on the construction of Metaguild Hall, which will become the main venue for our guild’s activities in Sandbox in 2022. So far, we have created 45 models and used approximately 1000 assets on our location. You can see a sneak peek of it here.

Metaguild Hall: a sneak peek

With Sandbox high up on our priority list, at the beginning of 2021 we set the goal of attracting three more animation, game design, and illustration professionals to our team — and we hit it. There are currently 4 team members on the Metaguild Studio team (focused entirely on Sandbox) and 4 more on a qualifying period.

We have also joined the Sandbox Creator Fund and are currently working on Metaguild Studio light paper.

Other areas

  • 6 developers and 3k lines of code on Metabot v2 — the new generation of our in-house solution for player management that we released shortly after the launch of the Axie Infinity renting system.
This tool allows us to review applications, onboard players, make automated payouts, exchange axies between players, and even breed inside our Discord server with only one command.

The new version will allow us to evolve the process of in-depth analysis of in-game activity and professional measuring of our players’ engagement. As well as finding the gems among them at an early stage!

  • 25 hours spent in 13 strategic sessions to determine the best course of Metaguild’s development. The result is a new brand identity that we shared with you last week. We are also currently updating our website and working on a series of important announcements — so stay tuned!

About Metaguild

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