Metaguild Partners Up With Aavegotchi, Acquires XL Parcel

Metaguild Partners Up With Aavegotchi, Acquires XL Parcel

As you may know, Metaguild is undeniably one of the oldest and most active guilds in the Gotchiverse. We have been there since the very…


As you may know, Metaguild is undeniably one of the oldest and most active guilds in the Gotchiverse. We have been there since the very start, passionately promoting the game and supporting new players in our channels, especially in the Russian-speaking countries.

To date, we have written and published over 60 Aavegotchi-themed posts and articles; deployed a Twitter bot and Discord channels with assets and parcels listing alerts. We have also run a Roaad to Realm campaign to celebrate the first Gotchiverse Land Sale and Raffle, in which we gave away 44 Drop Tickets to our #Gotchigang members. These are just a few examples, as we’re constantly working to let the whole world know about the most innovative play-to-earn, NFT game backed by DeFi.

And today, a few days before the Gotchiverse Land Auction #2 starts, Metaguild is happy to announce its Paartnership with Aavegotchi!

XL Paartner Parcels

As a part of the Paartnership, Metaguild is assigned one of the 14 XL Parcels in Citaadel that will become a venue for exclusive experiences hosted by the Aavegotchi team. While we can’t reveal what exactly this means for the players, owning these parcels makes Metaguild one of the most visible guilds in the Gotchiverse, alongside such notable communities as YGG, BlackPool, CGU, and Ready Player DAO.

Jesse aka gldnXross, Pixelcraft Studios Co-founder says:

“Metaguild are longtime frens and web3 gaming OGs that will definitely bring the passion The Gotchiverse deserves. I look forward to plenty of friendly competition and occasional drinks at their lodge if they’ll have me!”

Sandro, Metaguild Co-founder adds:

“I have been an active member of the Aavegotchi community since December 2020, and I’m quite confident that I have never met such a strong community; it’s a great example of a real DAO. The team is unbelievable, it ships new features almost every day! I’m looking forward to seeing you all in Gotchiverse!”

The Gotchiverse

Let’s say a few words about Gotchiverse, which consists of 420,069 land parcels, and its inhabitants, Aavegotchis and Liquidators.

Aavegotchis are pixelated digital ghosts, represented as playable NFTs backed by ERC-721 standard. Each Aavegotchi has its own set of traits and items, and the sum of these indicators determines its rarity. The higher these indicators are, the more your Gotchi can earn within Rarity Farming. Soon, Aavegotchi owners will also be able to lend their creatures and land parcels, receiving a share of revenue worked out by the borrowers.

Liquidators are the main enemies of Aavegotchis, they represent free-to-play mechanics in the game. Liquidators are going after Gotchus Alchemica (ERC-20 tokens) — precious resources that can be used for crafting Installations, decorating land parcels, or being freely traded. There are four kinds of Alchemica: Fud, Fomo, Alpha, and Kek. All of these tokens are mined from the land parcels and might be traded on Gotchus Alchemica Exchange (GAX). Alchemica is a tidbit for both Citaadel citizens and Liquidators.

Filling out the following form will be the first step in your earning journey with Metaguild:

Aavegotchi Lenders will defend Gotchi Citaadel from the Liquidator invasion, known as a Great Battle. In early 2022, players can get a free Liquidator and try to gather some resources.

What’s next?

  • The XL Parcel adds up to 100+ lands we have acquired during the first land auction to build the strongest foundation for our members. We will continue to accumulate lands in Land Auction #2 and Drop Ticket Raffle, where players can bid to earn 7000 REALM parcels within the eastern half of the Gotchi Citaadel, and win 3000 parcels accordingly, and build a strong community there.
  • We’re officially #bestfrens with 2 guilds, BlackPool and Ghost Squad. There is one more thing. We are going to announce the other 3 #bestfrens soon!
  • Metaguild is hosting a Stage Event on Wednesday, Dec 1, 2021 12 PM EST (6 PM CET). And we are invited as experts at Gotchi Space Podcast hosted by HeFe and Nofuturistic on Friday, Dec 3, 2021 1 PM EST (7 PM CET) . Stay tuned!
  • Soon, we will vote for the best wearables to choose Metaguild’s insignia. Be sure, you will spot us from afar!

About Metaguild

Metaguild is the first and largest self-funded hardcore gaming guild. We invest in games to secure guild positions and facilitate our players’ success. At Metaguild, we take the best from traditional gaming and speedrunning to the next level: games with open economies backed by blockchain. | Discord | Twitter | Blog

Visit to read the thorough guide to Aavegotchi. Bet, you’ll find a lot of helpful things there — and enjoy it.

Come explore the Gotchiverse with us!