Metaguild partners with Cometh

Metaguild partners with Cometh

The Aavegotchis are swarming into the Citaadel, the Cometh ships are preparing for the race of their lives, and the Illuvials are out of…


The Aavegotchis are swarming into the Citaadel, the Cometh ships are preparing for the race of their lives, and the Illuvials are out of control. Just another week in Metaguild.

We at Metaguild are constantly scanning the Metaverse for the best-in-class play-to-earn games to add to our portfolio and introduce to our guild members. Today we are excited to announce that we have collaborated with Cometh.

As part of its game verticals, Metaguild has included, a strategy card game leveraging DeFi and NFTs on the Polygon blockchain. Cometh is an amazingly fun and fast-paced free-to-play tactical card game with unprecedented player benefits of ownership. Before battles, players must tactically combine their spaceship and deck, as well as prepare to deal with battle hazards. The game rewards the most astute deck builders and the most nimble combatants.

We are proud to announce that Metaguild has acquired 20 uncommon ships. This means that when the Cometh goes Public, an equal number of our finest Metaguild Pilots will be able to get involved and help us conquer new frontiers.

Altogether, Cometh is a step forward in blockchain games. A partnership with Metaguild extends its reach into the web3 gaming community and adds depth to an already dynamic gameplay.

We began the previous week by widening our reach and increasing our presence in the metaverse, dispatching a crew of our top Pilots to explore and theory-craft in the Cometh universe. Members of the community took part in the previous mission and were able to earn decent rewards all while taking their Cometh ships out for a spin and let’s just say, the competition was fierce.

But hey, it ain’t all about the earning incentive right? What’s been particularly encouraging is how so many new guildmembers and players were being enthusiastically welcomed into this ever-growing ecosystem, that alone accounts for both Cometh's potential for accomplishing great things and how tightly-knit is their already existing community.

Keep an eye out for Cometh, and keep up with Metaguild’s results over the upcoming missions as well as our continued efforts in the Cometh ecosystem.

Now is the time to introduce you to the current and last mission before Cometh goes public and implements the root mechanics into Cometh Battle. Join the battle.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Mission will last 4 days, from 05/01/2022 at 12PM CET until 05/05/2022 12PM CET.
  • A $5,000 prize pool to share between the Top 100 Crew Members.
  • Elo’s will be reset at the start date of the mission.
  • A snapshot of the leaderboard will be taken at the end date of the mission.
  • Unlimited number of battles.
We are massively recruiting Crew Members to prepare for the public mission and what is coming next. Become a Metaguild Pilot.

About Cometh

Cometh is a blockchain game built on the Polygon network that lets users own yield-generating NFTs, integrating both DeFi and NFT features into a single, fun gaming experience. | Cometh Socials

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Metaguild is the first and largest self-funded hardcore gaming guild. We invest in games to secure guild positions and facilitate our players’ success. At Metaguild, we take the best from traditional gaming and speedrunning to the next level: games with open economies backed by blockchain. | Discord | Twitter | Blog