Metaguild Partners with Mango Educational Center

Metaguild Partners with Mango Educational Center

Today, Metaguild partners with Mango Educational Center to incept, an educational platform, representing our commitment to…


Today, Metaguild partners with Mango Educational Center to incept, an educational platform, representing our commitment to sharing knowledge with the talents of today and tomorrow. Our initiative provides educational opportunities for players, educators, and students around the world, seamlessly blending theory and practice as we collaborate with icons, experts, and industry rock stars eager to share their experience, wisdom, and trusted tools with you.

Since their inception, video games have helped players and students improve their knowledge and skills in a fun and engaging way: they bring students together through rewarding experiences that offer new perspectives. Over here at, we prefer a hands-on problem-solving approach in the form of interactive educational games that help users familiarize themselves with the study material in an easy-to-use, fun environment.

At — we speak many languages but share one goal: creating games that stay with you and memories that make hearts beat faster; made with the loving efforts of lifelong learners from Metaguild and Mango — we combine the efforts of professionals from crypto, gaming, web3, education, and venture capital to have a lasting positive influence on the web3 gaming ecosystem and inspire metaverse enthusiasts and co-creators to pursue their dreams in technology and turn their passion into expertise.

Metaguild is a decentralized community of investors, die-hard gamers, and crypto-enthusiasts. We own and manage a range of digital assets, from play-and-earn game items to metaverse plots. We operate as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) built solely for NFT gaming and trading. Our aim is to advance the play-to-earn landscape at large and have a profound impact and footprint in the Metaverse. Metaguild contributors specialize in a wide array of industries, including Product Design, UI/UX, and Advertising, as well as Community Management and Game Creation.

Mango is an educational center that specializes in consulting, technology services, and digital transformation. They are the pioneers of game development training in Eastern Europe; having founded the very first training facility in this region, they boast a vast experience in game development and full-stack development pedagogy.

This course wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the Sandbox, one of the leading titans in metaverse gaming in direct competition with behemoths such as Roblox or Minecraft. Furthermore, the Sandbox is well-known for the exceptional support it provides its users, which includes multi-million dollars grant incentives for creators, consultancies, project advertising, and so on. course structure

At, graduates will have the opportunity to work alongside some of the most talented people in the industry. And in just two months, develop career-defining skills while playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of web3 gaming and create your own game in the Sandbox metaverse.

Metaguild exists at the crossroads of blockchain technology, creative ability, and game design. We develop, play, and invest together with the singular goal of co-creating the Metaverse. Metaguild Studio brings together more than 15 artists from across the world who specialize in fields such as 3D modeling, Voxel Art, and Conceptual Art for the Metaverse and specialize in building game levels and minigames. In addition to our time spent in the blockchain gaming trenches, which gives Metaguild a complete grasp of industry gaps and opportunities.

Rebels, dreamers, professionals. Join us and achieve your ambitions in an environment that thrives on creativity and innovation while working directly alongside world-class experts who have chosen a career in the video game industry.

About is the first full-fledged Metaverse educational platform and game development course, combined knowledge of Mango Educational Center, one of the key computer graphics and game development educators in the CIS countries, and Metaguild. Since starting operations in 2014, Mango has helped thousands of people to learn and practice new skills. | Discord | Twitter

About Metaguild

Metaguild is the first and largest self-funded hardcore gaming guild. We invest in games to secure guild positions and facilitate our players’ success. At Metaguild, we take the best from traditional gaming and speedrunning to the next level: games with open economies backed by blockchain. | Discord | Twitter | Blog