Metaguild Partners with The Bornless

Metaguild Partners with The Bornless

From the depths of hell…


From the depths of hell…

The Bornless is a bloodsport played beneath a pantheon of fickle gods. Immediately outside Hell’s Gates, you’re praying that the Incense Lords put enough ammo or a Kar98 in your hands. Survive this genesis and exodus, and you’ll redirect your pleas to the Gods of The Underworld, whose hellspawn decides who lives and dies. Later you’ll look up to The Crate God, hoping for random ammo boxes as a gift from the depths of hell. Other lesser deities govern Hipfire RNG.

As soon as I arrived in The Bornless’ ominous rural setting, its Lovecraftian influence reared its snarling head. It didn’t take too long for your friendly neighborhood demon Orobas to start tracking us down. When I wasn’t battling tooth and claw for my life, I was scouring every room from floor to ceiling, scrambling for more ammo, incense, anything really…that may give me the edge I so desperately needed in my next encounter. Out of luck, my only option was to lay low meanwhile other players took out each other, holding onto the ever-dimming glimmer of hope that we might dispel the demon’s curse.

The tension mounts as enemy footsteps become audible; the use of sound to build tension and alert you to nearby enemies is one of the ways The Bornless forces you to stay attentive and tactical rather than treating every round like a fast-paced shooter à la Call of Duty or Battlefield, where a single bullet makes all the difference, a split-second away from death’s doorway, I somehow survived. It’s an intense welcome that serves as a fantastic flashback to the opening of Shinji Mikami’s magnum opus, Resident Evil, and one made all the more frantic in first-person perspective.

Burn away your enemies in hellfire.

The Bornless might not break much new ground in its own right, but it successfully grafts the best action elements in this FPS sub-genre onto today’s most modern gaming technology coupled with higher stakes than ever before, thanks to its web3 implementation, all while finding new ways (or reviving old ones) of getting under your skin and ratcheting up the tension, making for a genuinely engrossing and increasingly combat-heavy horror FPS experience. You might find yourself involved in a frantic shootout in the woods or on either end of a deadly hunt across a dense town. You might even find yourself holed up in a hut, listening for the slightest creak or footstep to indicate a nearby presence, gun in hand.

The Bornless is being developed by a young team of game industry veterans with exceptional experience in transmedia, virtual production, and gaming-as-a-service who are focused on delivering the finest traditional FPS gaming experience possible before integrating any web3 elements, and we’re all for it. Designed to empower and add value to players, not extract it, Cathedral Studios believes that web3 enhances the user experience fundamentally, and we believe in them. Providing an adrenaline-charged package takes more than just ballistics and gun models; this is where the Blockchain feature comes in, resulting in a tense, high-stakes, competitive environment that encourages risk-taking and rewards skill.

An unholy Cauldon dedicated to the Demon, Orobas.

Metaguild is constantly on the hunt for the best-in-class play-to-earn games to add to our library and make available to our guild members. The future is afoot, and we want to be on the leading edge of it. Metaverse ecosystems and project building excite us, and when it comes to FPS, we’re willing to bet on The Bornless and become a key player in its growth.

Stay unholy.

About The Bornless

The Bornless is a challenging FPS game similar to a Battle Royale, but with a twist — you will be tasked to compete with rival players, ward off demons and collect precious Incense tokens.

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