Metaguild Studio: First guild of Metaverse architects

Metaguild Studio: First guild of Metaverse architects

If you have followed Metaguild since 2021, you must have heard about Metaguild Studio and seen at least one of its creations in Sandbox…


If you have followed Metaguild since 2021, you must have heard about Metaguild Studio and seen at least one of its creations in Sandbox, the Metaguild Hall. While our team has been public about the key milestones (we don’t mean to brag, but Metaguild Studio is among the top 100 creative studios in the entire Metaverse!), we haven’t shared much about the opportunities it provides for the ones who play a crucial role in the Metaverse — Creators. This article gives a brief overview of how it works and what we have to offer.

First guild of Metaverse architects

As you might know, first and foremost, Metaguild is a guild of gamers — with a goal to build a guild of the entire Metaverse. You can think of Metaguild Studio as the first guild (or subguild) of architects in the Metaverse. Just like we provide guidance, support, and opportunities to earn for gamers, we do the same for artists.

  • Clients and commissions. We offer competitive salaries for the work you can do 100% remote, creating new games, locations, and assets in The Sandbox.
  • Creative guidance. Anyone can submit a concept and bring it to life with support of Metaguild Studio Team.
  • Personal brand development. We showcase the works in the guild’s public channels and social media.

User-friendly tools for new talents


To obtain ideas in Metaverse reality, we often use VoxEdit’s abilities. Using this tool for creating voxel objects, our creators build various assets, constructions, characters and then animate them. Unlike triangles-based Polygon, the majority of game graphics in NFT-games uses tiny pixels — so-called voxels.

We are always looking for new talents — voxel artists, who are passionate about creating awesome voxel art pieces. To join this Metaguild Studio Team you need to have a background in 3D and experience in modeling, texturing, animating, and rigging of assets and characters. Our team works remotely in conjunction with Concept artists, Game Designers, and Group Leaders. Besides, it’s an excellent opportunity to be at the origin of a fast-growing project by contributing to it.

Game Maker

One of the top NFT games, The Sandbox, has developed its native tool to create your own immersive games on your LAND. The Sandbox Game Maker, easy-to-use software used as a game builder, enables game designers to create their own gaming experience. You will design levels, set the rules, game mechanics, design the environment, construct buildings made of assets.

Metaguild is seeking for GameDev enthusiasts familiar with the game logic and building game experience. We’re always glad to work with people who participated in a TSB Game Jam with a Level to show for. Together with other promising game makers, you will design and build the game — and be earned by it.

Metaguild Studio, Announcement Soon

Today our Metaguild Studio Team of creators works day and night to present their latest creations and gaming experience on our 3x3 Estate. Thousands of voxels used, hundreds of hours spent in VoxEdit and Game Maker, plenty of ideas caught… By the way, we are always open to your suggestions — just let us know what would you like to see on our LANDs?

Follow Metaguild in 2022 to be on the bleeding edge of creating Metaverse!

About Metaguild

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