Metaverse Job Opportunities

Metaverse Job Opportunities

Have you ever wondered how your career will evolve and whether your job will exist in the next five years? You might not even have to wait…


Have you ever wondered how your career will evolve and whether your job will exist in the next five years? You might not even have to wait that long to find out — the future of the Internet in the form of cutting-edge technologies and alternative worlds commonly known as Metaverse is already creating thousands of new jobs.

According to the latest report by Grayscale, Metaverse is a $1 Trillion revenue opportunity. At the same time, venture capitalists invested $4 billion in play-to-earn gaming in 2020. Besides, tech giants such as Epic Games, Microsoft, and Google are already contributing to the new domain. The more money is invested, the more people are necessary to manage the market. It leads to a higher demand for specialists who will build Metaverse (developers and designers), create content (composers, bloggers, or writers), teach how to benefit from it (consultants, analysts), and even protect rights and defend from hacker attacks (lawyers and cyber security engineers) — the list is endless.

If you’re wondering if your profession is in demand in the Metaverse or are curious about the new exciting opportunities to explore early, we have compiled a list of jobs that we* see the need for this space daily.

*Metaguild is a guild of play-to-earn gamers, investors, and artists focused on providing earning opportunities in the Metaverse for its members. We operate in this space 24/7 and have the insider perspective we used to prepare this article.


When we are talking about creating a whole new reality with the use of blockchain technology (and there is no doubt that blockchain will play a crucial role in the development and expansion of the Metaverse), naturally, Web 3.0 developers would be on top of the list.

It’s easy to see why: they are the ones who establish the connection between the smart contracts and the friendly frontend. Although we would love to see the Metaverse providing such an immersive experience as it is depicted in Ready Player One (minus the dystopian aspect of millions of addicts playing for cents — by the way, you should check out our article about the common misconceptions on this topic!). The new global experiment will start with worlds like Sandbox, Decentraland, Somnium Space. And you might know, they are much more primitive in terms of visuals than what we saw in Spielberg’s film.

Today developers focus on creating player-owned economies and voting systems (DAOs), where the relevant skill set is needed the most. Professionals that are already in high demand today include:

  • Blockchain developers (Solidity, Rust, etc.);
  • Frontend and backend WEB 3.0 developers;
  • QA engineers;
  • AR and VR engineers;
  • Deep learning engineers;
  • Artificial intelligence engineers.


While the developers and engineers are responsible for what is under the hood of the new worlds, this category of professionals defines what millions (and soon, billions) of users will see and experience.

When it comes to gaming, the word “designer” means not only a set of skills related to visual software — it equally implies strong writing and communication skills. As one of the most sought-after jobs, game designers are responsible for the plot and storylines of everything happening on the screen. What is the background of this character? What epic legend is driving the plot of the game? The devil is in the details, and game designers must be able to write it out on paper and then draw what it looks like.

This is how it works in classic EA Sports and Epic Games workflow, and it is also relevant for Metaverse. The difference is that process is built on top of open economy in Web 3.0, which is much more complex than what we are used to. This is untested waters with new profit generation models, new game concepts — and multiple ways it can grow and develop.

Below are several creative professions that will also play a vital role in creating Metaverse alongside game designers:

  • Concept artists are responsible for creating default concepts like characters, which can be moved to different locations (other gaming worlds) and won’t change significantly.
  • NFT designers with their skills in merging art and programming, creating wearable assets for characters in Metaverse to utilize. Today NFTs are a billion-dollar market with PFP pictures; we expect it to grow and evolve towards generative art with random and predetermined features of assets with specific use cases.
  • Avatar customization stylist will help your avatar in Metaverse get the look you truly want (remember, you can look as you wish in Metaverse!)

It is also important to mention that soon Metaverse game designers will need to learn how to create Extended reality using tools such as Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality — as this will be an inseparable part of the Metaverse.

We at Metaguild are seeking new talents, especially VoxEdit specialists and Game makers.

Marketers and content creators

Despite offering an entirely new experience, different worlds in the Metaverse (for instance, a world of a specific game like Sandbox) function according to similar rules as the real one. This means that projects that want to grow in Metaverse need all the same things as more “tangible” startups: they need to target the relevant audience and create content to increase brand awareness.

Now the market is in search for:

  • Bloggers and influencers to draw the public attention to Metaverse and extend it;
  • Event hosts as Metaverse is the main stage for online events;
  • Script writers and storytellers to make content for bloggers and influencers and catch the public eye to the latest trends;
  • Finally, we’d like to add to the list meme creators who transforms the creation of memes into the art. Their works are successfully sold on marketplaces such as OpenSea or Rarible and catch the eyes of thousands of NFT enthusiasts.
“The Defi Crusade" by @DgenFren
“The Defi Crusade” by DgenFren

As well as HR specialists responsible for recruiting promising staff — in fact, it’s not by chance that those specialists are called Talent Managers (that’s absolutely true in the field of fast-growing Metaverse).


NFTs have become a long-term trend over the past few years, and that is why the new professions in this field can’t but emerge. We strongly recommend you to take a closer look at these jobs if you want to both be aware of this breakthrough technology everyone buzzes about and earn money.

As Metaguild is a gaming guild, we will focus on NFT jobs in the field of play-to-earn — as we see potential in this fast-growing area. Here are just a few examples of the jobs the market seeks today (yes, it has already become a new reality, so why don’t you try?)

  • NFT collectors, in gaming, are the ones, especially early adopters, who lend NFT-assets and share revenue with players. Some of them enter gaming guilds, such as Metaguild, making beginners start playing without initial investment.
  • Land Lords. Collectors focus on Land Parcels and lend them to gamers or even brands while developing and fulfilling the best-earning strategies.
  • Breeders. Analysts and math-passionates who can develop a plan for evolving unique characteristics of NFT characters to maximize the profit of gamers and guilds. Breeders are needed in Axie infinity, Pegacy, Crabada, Sipher, and other popular NFT games.
  • NFT traders. First of all, they are NFT flippers and tech-savvy guys who are aware of rarity tools. This job requires a good sense of timing and a strong network in the NFT community.

NFT-admirers are strongly connected with NFT consultancy and advising as such collaboration helps to calculate profit. Those experts indicate the latest trends on the market and give insights into improving earning strategies.


That’s right — players are actually on this list. Why is this a job? Play-to-earn games are one of the pillars of the Metaverse, and the more it is developing, the more opportunities are opened up.

Filling out the following form will be the first step in your earning journey with Metaguild:

Obviously, a play-to-earn reality is where new jobs emerge: gamers begin to optimize the process of earning money by hiring other players. It helps “employers” to earn more with less effort while employees receive payment.

Here are some examples of new jobs that have already emerged:

  • Play-to-earn gamers;
  • Personal in-game security. They can protect you from annoying marketing bots or be used for success clearing adventure and battle royale mods;
Free Guy- Deadpool by Daanesh Bhathena
  • Babysitter NFT — players doing repeating actions on an hourly basis;
  • Account boosters;
  • Economy testers — early adopters who advise whether the game has the sustainable token economy.
  • Bounty hunters — early testers whose goal is to harvest rarest artifacts and sell on in-game marketplaces when the game gets hype.
A scene from Ready Player One

The job that has potential —DAO voter. Soon, developer’s teams will implement DAOs and governance tokens into the blockchain game mechanics to let users influence the game’s future. It will lead to a higher demand for gamers representing the interests of whale voters.

Community managers and contributors

We want to finish our article by noticing: there is no need to have deep expertise in game development or play day and night farming and battling in PVE or PVP arenas to master new jobs emerging in Metaverse. Everyone can contribute to a new reality by managing gaming guilds, launching subguilds, or coordinating communication with external audiences. Metaverse citizens are always pleased to welcome geeks (early adopters) who try out new reality and set trends — and contributors moving forward Metaverse.

About Metaguild

Metaguild is the first and largest self-funded hardcore gaming guild. We invest in games to secure guild positions and facilitate our players’ success. At Metaguild, we take the best from traditional gaming and speedrunning to the next level: games with open economies backed by blockchain.

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