OP Gaming Weekly Digest #28

OP Gaming Weekly Digest #28


Greetings, gamers! This week we're thrilled to announce a massive partnership between two of the biggest web3 gaming powerhouses! And that's not all - we're seeing huge interest from web2 gamers too. As always, we've got a whole load of fascinating reads for those of you who can't get enough of web3 gaming. I hope you find this information enjoyable and valuable.


Immutable and Polygon Labs have partnered to create a dedicated blockchain for gaming using zero-knowledge technology to speed up decentralized game development and help bring Web3 closer to mass adoption. The partnership will offer game developers the fastest route from concept to launch and open up the largest and most liquid ecosystem for end-users, simplifying the decision-making process for developers.

Introducing Immutable zkEVM Powered by Polygon: the Home of Gaming in Web3 in Partnership with Immutable
Immutable and Polygon Labs are partnering to build a dedicated gaming blockchain using zero-knowledge technology to accelerate decentralized game development and bring Web3 a step closer to mass adoption.

DEADROP, the game developed by Dr. Disrespect, attracted an impressive 34,000 concurrent viewers during its livestream tournament with influencers. Check out the gameplay to see if you like it!

The Arbitrum airdrop is happening on March 23, so don't forget to check your wallets if you've used this blockchain before.


Jungle has raised $6 million for its Web3 mobile shooter.

Brazil’s Jungle raises $6M for Web3 mobile shooter
Jungle has raised $6 million for its Web3 mobile shooter. The funding shows that the Web3 game development virus has spread to Brazil.


Learn to spot web3 gaming scams! Read on for red flags to avoid subpar cash-grab projects.

This well-thought article discusses the rising trend of on-chain gaming. Inside you’ll see thoughts about the potential financialization of these games and the importance of game design to prevent automation and attract players.

On-chain Gaming: Principles for Building Viable Systems

That's it for the week!

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