OP Gaming Weekly Digest #30

OP Gaming Weekly Digest #30


Greetings, gamers! This week we've seen exciting developments in the gaming world, particularly in the realm of Web3 gaming. Ronin gaming chain has launched RON staking and announced the first game studios building on their ecosystem. Civitas and Nyan Heroes have also released pre-alpha gameplay footage, showcasing impressive visuals and gameplay mechanics. In addition, gaming industry veteran Jason Slama has joined the Aavegotchi team, and a Chinese gaming giant is set to make its mark on the Web3 space. We'll also be exploring the intersections between gaming and crypto communities and how they are driving us toward a web3 world. Let's dive in!


The Ronin gaming chain, built and owned by gamers, has launched RON staking and will reward stakers beginning April 12. Ronin has also announced the first game studios building on their ecosystem, including Directive Games, Tribes Studio, Bali Games, Bowled.io, and SkyVu.

RON Staking. Ronin Games. Wen? NOW.
Ushering In Roninโ€™s Next Era. Beyond Lunacia.

A $20 billion-plus Chinese gaming behemoth is coming to web3.

At the recent GDC event, Nyan Heroes unveiled its impressive demo gameplay, featuring top-notch shooting mechanics and fluid movement, solidifying its position as one of the highly anticipated web3 games. Check it out!

Jason Slama, the ย Game Director of Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, is now a part of the Aavegotchi team. Big news for the frens!

Gaming Industry Veteran Joins Pixelcraft Studios as Game Director | The Curve
Pixelcraft Studios is excited to welcome Jason Slama to the team as our new Game Director!

Civitas has released the highly anticipated pre-alpha gameplay footage, revealing an attractive user interface and a useful resource production cooldown.

In the "Money Reimagined" podcast, Michael Casey and Sheila Warren discuss with Rebecca Liao, CEO at Saga, how gaming and crypto communities share similarities in terms of value and meaning, and how gaming will lead us towards a Web3 world.

The Future of Gaming, Entertainment and Web3 With Rebecca Liao
Is gaming at the forefront of how we think about business models? And can the gaming industry play an important role in the designing of the right regulatory frameworks for crypto and web3?

That's it for the week!

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