💚 OP Gaming Weekly Digest #36

💚 OP Gaming Weekly Digest #36


Let's explore the latest events in the web3 gaming realm this week!


⁠Blocklords has launched a Community Beta, open to the public until June 10th, with prizes for top players including a special Discord role and exclusive perks.

Blocklords Opens Community Beta - Play to Earn
Blocklords opens a new Community Beta of their town building strategy game. This beta offers players a chance to try the game and maybe earn rewards as well!

⁠Aurory Adventures has released its Prologue, allowing players to explore Blanche village, train Nefties, and try out the new combat system, Speed Blitz. Future updates will introduce Tokane lands, Full Blitz combat system, Neftie progression, procedural lands, Degen Dungeons, battles with FUDs, and encounters with master Neftie trainers.

⁠World Eternal Online's upcoming Season 4 brings epic updates such as redesigned skills, diverse monsters, gear crafting, raid boss arenas, PvP areas, a Battle Pass system, new quests, events, and a new hero class.

Road to Season 4
Season 4 is on the horizon, and this update will be EPIC!

⁠Eternal Dragons Alpha League Season Week 3 has arrived! Compete in the leaderboard to get rewards in tokens and eggs!


A Primer On Fully On-Chain Gaming by Naavik.

A Primer On Fully On-Chain Gaming — Naavik
This issue, we have a guide to fully on-chain games and what to expect from the future of decentralized gaming.

What tools are we using to track assets in Aavegotchi?

MrKvak discusses topics such as token generation events, selling tokens and its impact on others, launching tokens in bear markets, the current gaming landscape, and the accumulation phase.

Web3 upcoming tournaments thread.

That's it for the week!

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