Reasons to join an Aavegotchi gaming guild in 2022

Reasons to join an Aavegotchi gaming guild in 2022

In our previous post, we broke down the reasons why Aavegotchi is one of the best NFT games to start playing (and earning) even if you are…


In our previous post, we broke down the reasons why Aavegotchi is one of the best NFT games to start playing (and earning) even if you are new to crypto. This article is for more experienced players: if you have multiple gotchis with high rarity and kinship scores, and you managed to grab quite a few land parcels on the most recent auctions, then you might want to join a gaming guild.

Here’s why👇

It’s easier to protect your rights and interests together

Aavegotchi is famous for being one of the most engaged DAOs in the crypto space, thanks to the gamified process of voting and a strong incentives system. Whether it’s about additional rewards for voters, or to clarify the developing studio’s rights in the game (like some of the proposals the community is voting on right now), Aavegotchi team is attentively listening to the DAO. Your voice will be heard.

However, some updates and developments are more crucial for your profits in the game than others. A gaming guild analyses all the proposals closely, makes sure that every member is aware of their options, and advises on the best course of action.

And the good thing is that it works both ways: we believe that the Gotchiverse benefits from the increased participation of the guilds, as we educate the players and make sure they are actively engaged in voting. Based on what the core team is saying, we can tell that they see the value in our work.

Filling out the following form will be the first step in your earning journey with Metaguild:

Guilds help make your assets work for you

Recently, Aavegotchi team has announced the official Gotchi Lending program would be launched soon. While it is anticipated to become one of the top sources of income for the owners of gotchis and lands, we don’t know yet how exactly the lending mechanism will work.

There is one thing we can already say for sure, based on our experience with other play-to-earn games: despite that Aavegotchi team is ahead of its time, enabling the lender-borrower communication through smart contracts, there is still a lot of management required. No matter the level of automatization, as a lender you will need to constantly supervise:

  • The involvement of the renter in the game. Do they spend enough time playing to make a real profit?
  • Education and communication. You need to make sure each player has the most up-to-date knowledge about the game.
  • Players’ coordination — to maximize earning players have to be coordinated! One of the examples is Communal Channeling.

And the list goes on. The more assets you would like to rent out, the harder it will be to manage without dedicated 24/7 coordination. This is likely to result in regular (and massive) profit losses.

This is where Aavegotchi guilds come in.

Why Metaguild?

Metaguild is one of the most involved gaming guilds in the Gotchiverse. A proud partner and owner of an XL land parcel, we have the second highest kinship score in the game and are continuing to accumulate assets that will make us a strong voice in the Gotchiverse.

Our weight gives you a real platform to push your vision of how the Gotchiverse should keep growing. In 2022, we will host brainstorming sessions to find the development strategies that will maximize our participants’ profits; as well as coordinate the ambitious construction process on our lands.

For new players who will start out with renting some lands and gotchis, we give every active player an opportunity to grow and be promoted to a unit leader, who will manage other renters.

We are moved by a strong desire to make Aavegotchi the world’s leading P2E-game. Let’s make it happen as a unified front through the Aavegotchi DAO and increase our in-game fortune together.

About Metaguild

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