💚 Ardent Arena's Massive Kickoff: 11,000 PRIME Up for Grabs | OP Gaming Weekly Digest #46

💚 Ardent Arena's Massive Kickoff: 11,000 PRIME Up for Grabs | OP Gaming Weekly Digest #46


Let's explore the latest events in the web3 gaming realm this week!


The inaugural Ardent Arena in Parallel is kicking off next week, featuring a robust prize pool of 11,000 $PRIME. To join, you need to be on the Ardent List and mint from the specified site. The tournament is divided into three phases: seeding, play-in, and playoffs, which will be live-streamed.

OpenSeaGG has begun streaming on Twitch, marking a significant moment by featuring Parallel as their first game.

Aavegotchi is thrilled to announce a partnership with GameSwift, a leading Web3 gaming aggregator. This collaboration will showcase both live and upcoming Aavegotchi games to GameSwift's vast audience, offering increased visibility and player engagement.

We recently celebrated the Mithraeum Bronze Age Tournament, awarding a total of $9000 to participants. Players also stand to receive an additional bonus of 2 million MTHR tokens from the Mithraeum team at a later date.

My Pet Hooligan is now available for early access exclusively on the Epic Games Store and has quickly climbed to the #2 spot on the trending games list. A review from qFlux888 offers an honest look at the game.

We're excited to unveil our comprehensive guide to the Illuvium Zero realms. This Ultimate Guide is your key to unlocking every corner of the Illuvium universe, so gear up and start exploring!

A Deep Dive into Illuvium Zero: Everything Uncovered
First and foremost, we would like to thank fuliggine, the Hyperion guild, and Dr.Spoon, who were the primary sources of information for the creation of this guide. Introduction The gameplay of Illuvium Zero revolves around constructing a resource extraction facility. To improve your production ra…

GaspodeWD sparked a discussion on the appealing applications of web3 gaming.

5 Questions for Bohdan Melnychuk of Mithraeum from BlackPool Finance.

Shout out to our good friend 0xKepler! Their "Skill Tree" newsletter is the ultimate guide to on-chain games - a must-read for all the gaming fans out there.

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