💚 Parallel's Steam Debut and Other Web3 Gaming Highlights | OP Gaming Weekly Digest #47

💚 Parallel's Steam Debut and Other Web3 Gaming Highlights | OP Gaming Weekly Digest #47


Let's explore the latest events in the web3 gaming realm this week!


The Parallel has made its way to Steam. You can now add it to your wishlist and be among the first to receive notifications when the Open Beta launches.

The card game Cross The Ages has seen an impressive sale of 664,000 NFTs in its most recent pack drop. If you're a fan of card games, this is definitely one to check out!

Asia is poised to become the powerhouse of Web3 gaming. With 9 out of 13 of Korea's largest publishers actively developing, Japan's regulations set to bring in an additional 10 million gamers, and China on the verge of becoming the largest exporter of Web3 content, the region's influence in the sector is undeniable.

Fableborne has secured a fresh capital injection of $7.8 million this year, accelerating its journey towards pioneering the next wave of gaming. This funding will not only fuel the scaling of Fableborne after its eight groundbreaking updates this year, but it will also turbocharge LiveOps in Fableborne and other games that want to run tournaments with on-chain rewards, making it a high-stakes competitive platform.

GGquest and Clique are developing On-Chain Gaming Reputation systems that aggregate player data from various games, creating comprehensive profiles. This can improve user acquisition for gaming studios and allow players to showcase their skills. However, these systems face challenges such as mass adoption, security issues, and data overflow.

The Wolves DAO Files #22: Are On-chain (Gaming) Reputation Systems the Future of UA?
Exploring the benefits, use cases, and challenges associated with on-chain reputation systems.

Guild of Guardians is opening up its latest game developments to the public with an upcoming "Friends and Family Demo". The playtest, which runs from October 9th to October 20th, will include new user tutorials, leaderboards, missions, and an ongoing story narrative.

Apply to Join the Next Guild of Guardians Playtest - Play to Earn
Guild of Guardians is accepting applications for their upcoming “Friends and Family demo”, though you only have a limited time to apply!

Axie Origins Season 6 is now live, featuring a special tournament, a total of 112,000 AXS rewards, and an updated onboarding experience. The season will last 49 days, with faster turn timers, new starter axies, and a simplified account registration process.

Origins Season 6 is LIVE!
Seize epic rewards and eternal glory⚔️

The much-anticipated Big Time Preseason kicked off on October 10, 2023. Players are encouraged to share their experiences and provide feedback about the game in the ongoing discussion thread in our Discord.

⏭️Video of the Week

Episode 3 of The Paragons Labs, in partnership with ParagonsDAO, is a must-watch for all Marcolian fans. The episode provides a guide on how to build and play an aggressive Marcolian deck. Don't miss out on these valuable insights!

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