Esports: Metaguild’s Vision and New Structure

Esports: Metaguild’s Vision and New Structure

Metaguild restructures its esports department to align it with specific game genres instead of having traditional game-focused teams.


Esports started in the early 1970s, with competitions held in arcades and other venues. The first organized esports event was held in 1980 at Stanford University.

The modern esports boom started in the early 2010s, with the rise of streaming platforms like Twitch and the growth of professional leagues like the League of Legends Championship Series. Since then, esports has continued to grow in popularity and prominence, with millions worldwide tuning in to watch competitions. The scene has evolved due to a vast fan base and many new games oriented to competition between gamers. It also changed what pro gamers and streamers play. Back in Starcraft BW and CS 1.6 times, seeing someone competing in a few games was nonsense. But now, with a choice of dozens of high-quality games in the same genre and a broad audience supporting these games, it has become normal.

Despite having more than 500 games in web3, it’s still incomparably small and underdeveloped. While in traditional gaming everyone can find a game to their liking, in web 3, it’s mostly about games with a scarce number of players. The games people play are mostly new and unknown, so the skill gap is still huge.

Many web3 games are in development; many games are regularly dying. To compete in these games and be a progamer (which means playing video games for a living and winning prize money), players have to dedicate a lot of effort to analyzing the market and looking for opportunities. It also requires them to develop a network of contacts and, often, financial investments. Only a few people would love to take this wild path and replace the usual for them sit-and-play with a labor-intensive process of finding a new game and starting to learn it from scratch. That leads to Metaguild’s vision of web3 esports and how we structure our organization.

Metaguild restructures its esports department to align it with specific game genres instead of having traditional game-focused teams. We are starting with the Collectible Card Games (CCG Team) and the First-Person Shooter (FPS Team). Metaguild’s primary objectives as an organization would be to support these team players, providing them with investments, building personal brands and managing relationships with third-party companies such as tournament organizers and game developers. If you are passionate about gaming and looking for an organization to represent, reach out to us on Discord using the #contact-us channel or by email at We will help you to attain the highest level in competitive games.

Esports is the backbone of Metaguild and one of the reasons we created it. We have a lot of catching up to do to reach the level of development of traditional esports, but we strongly believe in the potential of web3 games.

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