Metaguild Releases Metabot 2.0

Metaguild Releases Metabot 2.0

One of the Metaguild’s primary aims is to make the lending of assets and game characters as native as possible by minimizing players’…


One of the Metaguild’s primary aims is to make the lending of assets and game characters as native as possible by minimizing players’ interaction with 3rd parties — managers — and providing the feelings of playing their own axies. There weren’t any automated lending solutions on the play-to-earn market for a long time. So, it encourages us to launch Metabot (aka Metaguild Axie Scholarship Bot) to solve this problem in our community.

Metabot automates processes of scholarship management relations. Among them:

  • Scholarship applications
  • Withdrawing SLP directly to a player’s Ronin wallet
  • Transferring SLP between accounts
  • Transferring axies between accounts (including unauthorized axie swap)
  • Player’s status
  • Breeding

Today marks the 6 months since Metabot was launched, and we are ready to announce Metabot Version 2!

What’s new?

Unlike Metabot V1, the new version is created by a team of professional developers. Metaguild OGs may remember how we tested the previous version — it was a lot of fun! But it’s time to move on.

Pros of Metabot V2:

  • More stable
  • Slash commands replace text commands
  • Commands can be used in any channel
  • Responses are visible only for the player who called a command
  • New visual style
  • Advanced analytics system
  • Loyalty bonus program

Let’s take a closer look at the three most exciting features!

New visual style

Metabot is becoming more and more critical for our guild’s everyday life. That’s why having an exclusive visual style for Metabot is essential. So, a new version of Metabot got its fresh, unique design!

Advanced analytics system

Metabot 2.0 has become a surprise for both players and the community managers and coaches!

The new bot monitors every player’s ratings, the number of matches played, win rate, SLP/day, and SLP/day per axie on the account. It allows us to detect inactive accounts immediately and helps our coaches to identify the ones who need help.

Loyalty bonus program

It is the most exciting feature of the new version. Starting today, all users will be able to receive up to 70% of revenue.

The longer the player represents Metaguild, the larger his share is. We appreciate our loyal members who stay with us even in the darkest times.

  • Stage 0 — default (player gets a 50%)
  • Stage 1 — If you joined Metaguild scholarship 30 days ago (player receive 55% of revenue)
  • Stage 2 — If you joined Metaguild scholarship 75 days ago (60% of revenue)
  • Stage 3 — If you joined Metaguild scholarship 150 days ago (65% of revenue)
  • Stage 4 — If you joined Metaguild scholarship 300 days ago (70% of revenue)

You can receive a larger share by participating in the guild’s activities and contributing to Metaguild. For example, being a guild booster in Discord gives you an extra 2%!

What’s next?

Today Metabot V2 is on a rolling release, which means we will continue implementing new features while following our roadmap.

Metabot has been a community project since the very beginning — and all the players contributed to its formation. Metaguild is always open to your suggestions and ideas.

That’s why we are asking you: what’s next?

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