Metaguild x Nyan Heroes

Metaguild x Nyan Heroes

We at Metaguild are constantly scanning the Metaverse for the best-in-class play-to-earn games to add to our portfolio and introduce to our…


We at Metaguild are constantly scanning the Metaverse for the best-in-class play-to-earn games to add to our portfolio and introduce to our guild members. Today we are excited to announce that we have collaborated with Nyan Heroes.

What is Nyan Heroes?

Nyan Heroes is a battle royale shooter where players can collect Nyans (cats with “style, attitude and boot”) and robotic costumes (Guardian Robots) that they need to fight against the “giant twisted nightmarish creatures’’, known as Elementals, who have occupied their native Nekovia. Inhabitants of Nekovia used to deplete all the resources, this is why Nature was getting revenge and unleashed the evil Elementals from the toxic water, deforestation areas, the fruitless wastelands, and the caves. These creatures conquered Nyans’ homeland in 3 days, yet there is a chance to regain power and drive the invaders out of Nekovia. To help the Nyans survive, players need to equip their robots, complete tasks, win battles — and get rewards in return.

One of the most ambitious and highly anticipated games on the Solana blockchain, Nyan Heroes will offer multiple gameplay modes, including adventure (PvE), Royale Battle (PvP), RPG, and Guild.

Guilds mode opens up new opportunities for players, for example, the members of guilds can send additional Nyans and their Guardians out on missions thereby helping to earn loot. Guilds will also have access to special quests in Nyan Heroes’ metaverse — rewards will be distributed to the guild’s members and the guild itself. Soon, the gaming guilds will receive an added value when Raids become available. Finally, Guilds’ possibilities claim to be endless: they will be able to set up shops, employ players, or even launch games within the metaverse.

Playing in other modes, everyone will be able to take a basic Nyan and start earning $CTNP (the in-game utility token) and governance token $NYN. However, to maximize the rewards, players need to be playing with a Genesis Nyan.

We could not miss this opportunity for our members.

Metaguild x Nyan Heroes

We are proud to announce that Metaguild has acquired 21 of the original 11,111 Genesis Nyans that were offered for Guilds on a public sale in November 2021. For every Nyan, we will be able to claim 2 Genesis Guardian NFTs.

Our Nyans have the following rarity levels:

  • Common — 10
  • Uncommon — 5
  • Rare — 3
  • Ultrarare — 2
  • Legendary — 1

Although we don’t know the details, it’s officially confirmed that playing with Genesis Nyans and Robots enables you to earn a lot more $CTNP than with a free version. Owning these assets provides Metaguild with access to beta tests, exclusive drops, and land presales. Furthermore, by having a Genesis Nyan Avatar, players will be able to create the unique story behind the Nyan you have — these stories will be placed permanently into the chain by the Nyan Heroes team.

Sandro, Metaguild Co-founder says:

«Guilds will play a significant role in Nyan Heroes, which claims to be one of the most popular games in the battle royale genre in the crypto realm. Metaguild, in collaboration with the Nyan Heroes team, will try to onboard players of popular games like Fortnite, PUBG, Apex Legends — hundreds of millions of users».

Maxmerro, Nyan Heroes Founder adds:

“Nyan heroes is excited to collaborate with guilds of all sizes as we believe decentralized ownership of assets is the key to a healthy robust community. Metaguild has a great long term vision and we are looking forward to seeing how their players will utilize our in-game assets.”

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Read Nyan Heroes whitepaper with its roadmap here.