💚 OP Gaming Weekly Digest #32

💚 OP Gaming Weekly Digest #32


Let's explore the latest events in the web3 gaming realm this week!


Skyweaver has announced updates for 2023, including new Hero abilities, improved starter decks, a new questing system, and a robust tournament system with constructed and draft options. The economy update will add two new in-game currencies, Spark and Weave, and an additional factor of card rarity, with varying levels of a rarity within Base, Silver, and Gold card grades.

Development Roadmap 2023
It’s that time of year again, when we peel back the curtain and reveal many of the features and updates being crafted by the team here at Skyweaver 💜

⁠Ember Sword Alpha is live! The playtest will feature five main questlines with unique experiences and gameplay mechanics. Try it now!

That’s right, you heard correctly, Ember Sword is officially in Alpha!

The Sandbox is hosting a meta-event from April 5th to May 2nd, with Mystery Boxes, 500 quests, and a guaranteed reward pool including memorabilia and a mystery box with a total value of 250,000 SAND. Avatar and LAND owners who complete 200 quests are eligible for an extra 300,000 SAND reward pool, and KYC is required to claim rewards.

Play & Earn across 500 quests in The Sandbox April Festival!
After an amazing first quarter of play, we are launching a new full month of epic adventures, thrilling activities, and unforgettable…

Otherside, a project by Yuga Labs, has introduced a new feature that allows players to convert their Otherdeeds into NFTs and mint special NFTs called Vessels, which hatch into Mara of different types. This is part of an upcoming game called Legends of the Mara, and the feature is not required but is said to be key to unlocking future game experiences.

Otherside Introduces Legends of the Mara - Play to Earn
The Otherside unveils a new, upcoming game feature called Legends of the Mara -- and the first step involves burning your Otherdeed!

⁠Planet Mojo Melee is heading into Open Beta, with tons of new features and daily/weekly giveaways, as well as chances to win spots for their exclusive Beta Chest NFT mint with guaranteed and rare items.

Beta Bash Mint
Play & Win!


Deep Dive to the Wildcard from the founder of WolvesDAO.

State of Blockchain Gaming in Q1 2023 by DappRadar & BGA.

DappRadar & BGA: Activity in blockchain games in Q1 2023 declined
However, enthusiasts are still positive about opportunities.

An in-depth thread on PlayBackdraft, a stealth project that raised $7M from BitkraftVC, Delphi_Digital, and Ubisoft.

The Machines Arena research from Polemos.

A League of Legends for the time poor - Polemos
I got an opportunity to put The Machines Arena (TMA) through its paces at the end of last week.


Upcoming web3 tournaments by Metaguild.

Cometh Battle is having a Free Weekend event from April 21 to 24 and is hosting a $1,000 USDC intergalactic tournament throughout the event.

Attention pilots,

The Red Village MVP tournament is ending on April 24th at 9 PM ET, with $5,000 USD up for grabs.


Should Web3 Games Launch as Web2 First?

Idea Exploration: Should Web3 Games Launch as Web2 First?
Order of operations matters in shaping player expectations, culture, and narratives.

On the significant impact of AI and ChatGPT on the whole gaming industry.

A look at the importance of NPCs in the Metaverse.

That's it for the week!

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