💚 OP Gaming Weekly Digest #38

💚 OP Gaming Weekly Digest #38


Let's explore the latest events in the web3 gaming realm this week!


Web3 video game development firm, Mythical Games, has raised $37 million in a Series C1 funding round led by digital asset manager Scytale Digital. Long time no such big raises, that's good news!

Web3 gaming firm Mythical Games raises $37 million in Series C1 funding
The fresh funding will be used to bring Mythical Games into profitability, CEO John Linden told The Block.

⁠HV-MTL Forge has revealed the details about their game, which starts as a mix between a pet game and a casual world builder and ends as a competitive dungeon crawler. Don’t forget to join us at the Discord event tomorrow to be prepared for the launch!

Machines from the Rift: HV-MTL Collection
Meet the HVs. 30,000 curious machines from another world. 8 different types, all designed to transform. What happens next is up to you.

⁠Sparkball is launching an early access weekend and has enlisted popular esports teams for an online competition on June 30. Participating teams include G2 Esports, Cloud9, Team Liquid, and Fnatic. Additionally, they’re hosting an open weekend for playtesting the game. Join us this weekend in the game!

Cloud9, G2 Among Esports Giants to Showcase ‘Sparkball’ in Tournament - Decrypt
Worldspark Studios will hold a Sparkball competition Saturday with major esports teams ahead of the early access launch.

⁠ARBO has shown incredible progress in game development by announcing some in-game footage. We can’t wait to try out the game and finally get our hands on building new strategies.

Congratz Fableborne on successfully securing $5.5M in new funding! This could be one of the most promising mobile games in the market, especially if you’re a Clash of Clans fan.

That's it for the week!

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