💚 OP Gaming Weekly Digest #40

💚 OP Gaming Weekly Digest #40


Let's explore the latest events in the web3 gaming realm this week!


⁠The Machines Arena Season 1 is out! Collect Beta & Loyalty rewards, and exclusive collectible skins, and see you in the Arena! Check out our Discord thread if you need a key.

The Machines Arena
TMA is a web3 top-down hero shooter where players clash in adrenaline-fueled combat. Get rewarded and earn digital collectibles in PvP and PvE game plays.

The Aavegotchi ecosystem is evolving every day! They have just introduced a new branding style, including a landing page, logo, and a wordmark.

Everything You Need To Know About Aavegotchi’s New Look
0:00/1× HAPPY 3RD AAVEGOTCHI BIRTHDAY FRENS! It’s been three years since the first Aavegotchi was imagined and brought into this world by the maestro himself XIBOT. In crypto, time doesn’t just fly – it teleports! Seems like just yesterday we were announcing the Whitepaper, Discord Aagent mission…

⁠Parallel Avatars minted out in 20 minutes, a solid result considering the market state. Did you get any?

Ember Sword Announces Alpha Land Sale! Check out all the details in the article!

Ember Sword Announces Alpha Land Sale - Play to Earn
Ember Sword announces a new land sale for plots in the Solarwood region, with discounts for all purchases during this sale!

Ubisoft Reveals Next Blockchain Game, Champions Tactics. It will be a PC game described as a PvP tactical RPG experience. Let’s see what gaming veterans got for us.

Ubisoft Reveals Next Blockchain Game, Champions Tactics - Decrypt
Assassin’s Creed game maker Ubisoft is developing an original tactical RPG on PC, built on the Oasys blockchain.

That's it for the week!

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