💚Web3 Games to Play in August | OP Gaming Weekly Digest #42

💚Web3 Games to Play in August | OP Gaming Weekly Digest #42


Let's explore the latest events in the web3 gaming realm this week!


Parallel beta begins July 31st. Get access simply by signing up and see you on the battlefield!

Axie Infinity Origins Season 5 is now live! Starter Axies, 112K~ AXS up for grabs in leaderboards and activities.

Origins Season 5 Is LIVE!
Welcome to Season 5 Rare Era, it’s time to battle!

Guild of Guardians announced that applications for the Beautiful Corner Demo are now open! Fill out this form to get access.

Mithraeum Iron Age I Tournament with a $25,000 prize pool starts on July 31st.

The Bornless Access Weekend is starting today!

🎥Must Watch

That's it for the week!

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